Benefits of Essential Oils, For Relaxation and Health

Recently, essential oils have become a hot topic of discussion among users. How to use essential oils can be smeared or inhaled in an adjustable form. So what are the benefits of essential oils that users can feel ? Check out the admin review below.

The benefits of concentrated oil from this plant are quite diverse and have their own market share, such as for the benefit of beauty, health, and even fitness. Here, the admin will explain a number of the benefits of essential oils that can make you healthier, fitter, and beautiful.

Benefits of Essential Oils

The trend for essential oils is currently developing into a new way to maintain health and fitness. The various benefits of essential oils also make this oil even more attractive. Make sure you keep your health and pay attention to the correct use of essentials according to the instructions for use

The following are some of the benefits of essential oils that you can take for your body's needs, as follows:

1. Overcoming stress and anxiety

One of the most widely felt benefits of essential oils is being able to cope with stress and anxiety. Indeed, the ability of essential oils to affect a person's psychology has been proven by many experts.

You can deal with stress and relieve anxiety by using lavender essential oil. Lavender is known as an aromatherapy oil that can calm anxiety and affect the brain's system for controlling emotions. You can inhale the aroma of lavender essential oil directly or mix it in warm water for a bath.

Another benefits of essential oils that is quite effective for dealing with stress is jasmine oil with a strong jasmine aroma. By inhaling the aroma of jasmine, you can be more relaxed and relaxed because the aroma is able to calm the nervous system without causing drowsiness. This oil is suitable for use at work or in a formal setting.

2. The benefits of essential oils to improve mood

Some people also use essential oils to help them get in a better mood each day. When sprayed on the face, essential oils will provide freshness and a sense of calm that will allow you to pass the day in a good mood.

3. Relieves headaches and migraines

Another benefits of essential oils is for health. Many people who suffer from migraines feel better after inhaling lavender-scented essential oil. Indeed, one type of this essential oil has been shown to be able to relieve anxiety, relieve headaches, and make you sleep better.

4. Helps to sleep more soundly

Lavender essential oil is the most popular oil to have a positive effect on better sleep habits. You will feel relaxed and sleep better when you inhale aromatherapy from lavender.

Even further research shows that the scent of lavender can relieve heart disease. To feel the effects and get the benefits of essential oils lavender, you can use a diffuser so you can feel the effects before going to bed.

5. Streamlining breathing

There are many essential oils on the market that have various benefits, one of which is eucalyptus oil which is proven to be able to fight respiratory infections by killing bacteria, viruses, and fungi. This essential oil can also sweep mucus and dirt in the respiratory tract so that the air can move faster and fresher.

To get this benefits of essential oils, you can add a few drops of eucalyptus oil to a diffuser and inhale the steam. Do it regularly to get the benefits of making mucus trapped in the respiratory tract.

6. Benefits of essential oils to relieve colds and flu

Cold and flu conditions are very easy to relieve with appropriate aromatherapy, namely eucalyptus (eucalyptus) essential oil. Eucalyptus essential oil contains antibacterial properties that can relax the nasal muscles. To relieve colds and flu quickly and simply.

7. Treat inflammation and pain in the body

It turns out that essential oils can also be used to reduce pain and inflammation in the body. This anti-inflammatory effect can be obtained from Copaiba essential oil which has a unique composition. Copaiba essential oil comes from a tree of the genus Copaifera found in the Amazon rainforest.

You can use this essential oil to speed up the healing of minor cuts, scrapes, burns, and insect bites. In a further measure, the benefits of essential oils can also reduce swelling and prevent the spread of dangerous infections. Just apply two drops of copaiba to the injured area of ​​skin.

8. Benefits of essential oils to suppress appetite

Research reveals that a person can feel full because of a mechanism that occurs in the brain. The brain will order to stop eating when there are thoughts that the person is in a calm state. Emotional conditions can affect the desire to eat.

Smell can control appetite and will be quite effective to help diet programs. One of the benefits of essential oils that are popular for suppressing appetite is cinnamon essential oil which has the ability to increase satiety after eating.

The benefits of essential oils from cinnamon will help the body break down sugar for application into the body as energy so that the body has less fatty acids to store. In addition, cinnamon oil is also effective against candida that affects weight gain and improves blood circulation.

9. Benefits of essential oils to relieve pain

Eucalyptus oil has the ability to relieve joint pain from conditions such as osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis, as well as inflammation associated with many other conditions. You can easily get the benefits of essential oils from this eucalyptus by dripping it directly on the surface of the affected skin.

Although it is not considered as the main painkiller, but applying this essential oil to the injured part will distract the mind from the pain. Some cases also explain that eucalyptus oil can treat back pain or joint and muscle injuries.

Not only that, the benefits of essential oils can also be used to treat oral herpes using lavender oil. The antimicrobial and antifungal content in it has proven to be effective in treating oral herpes.

The treatment method is quite simple, namely by heating olive oil and then adding a few drops of lavender oil. Once cool, apply to the skin affected by herpes.

10. Benefits of essential oils to overcome digestive problems

For those of you who often suffer from digestive problems, you can rely on essential oils as a panacea. Use peppermint essential oil to treat digestive problems such as nausea, stomach cramps, and diarrhea.

Peppermint oil works by helping the digestive muscles relax and expel gas from the stomach. To be able to get the benefits of this peppermint oil, you simply apply it to the stomach area.

Apart from peppermint oil, another benefits of essential oils also useful for dealing with digestive problems is cardamom essential oil which has antispasmodic and anti-inflammatory properties that are useful for relieving cramps.

11. Improves focus, concentration, and stamina

Some essential oils have been shown to improve focus, concentration, and stamina. Call it sweet orange, jasmine, and vanilla which can improve mood and stamina. The benefits of essential oils can be used to accompany daily activities at work and even in the home area to stay excited and always in a cheerful mood.

12. Overcoming PMS during menstruation

Complaints about premenstrual syndrome that are felt every month can certainly be treated with essential oils. The benefits of essential oils lavender essential oil are useful for relieving PMS symptoms such as stiff stomach and body aches.

Apply lavender oil to the abdomen and massage gently to relieve pain due to stomach cramps due to PMS. Research has proven that the scent of lavender can increase alpha waves in the brain.

Which will have a relaxing effect and sleep well. Of course, it is not surprising that the uncomfortable atmosphere during menstruation can be dispelled with this type of essential oil.

13. Benefits of essential oils to treat skin infections

Many have proven that certain types of essential oils are able to overcome skin infections and problems related to acne on the face. Use tea tree essential oil which has antibacterial, anti-fungal, and antiseptic properties that are effective in overcoming infections on the skin.

You will often find tea tree as the main ingredient in cosmetics related to facial skin care. Tea tree oil can be used by applying it directly to the problematic skin area.

Plus, the benefits of essential oils tea tree are also useful for dealing with dandruff that interferes with scalp health. You can drip it directly onto your scalp to get the benefits or you can mix it with shampoo when shampooing.

14. Benefits of essential oils to moisturize lips

Essential oils also have benefits for moisturizing lips. For some people who work by interacting and talking with other people, of course having dry lips makes them uncomfortable and lacks confidence.

With this benefits of essential oils, you can get moist lips and easy to apply lipstick. Use lavender oil to moisturize the lips. In addition, this essential oil also has linalool which is antiseptic and anti-inflammatory so that it can heal chapped lips or wounds that occur in the lip area.

15. Caring for hair and overcoming dandruff

Get beautiful hair care without dandruff with the benefits of essential oils. To be able to treat hair beautifully and treat dandruff on the scalp, you can use tea tree oil type essential oil mixed in shampoo when shampooing.

16. Restore energy quickly

You can get the benefits of essential oils to keep your stamina in prime condition from bergamot oil which comes from kaffir lime. Indeed, this essential oil has antidepressant properties that are strong enough to restore energy after illness.

You can get a happier and fresher feeling by inhaling the aroma of this essential oil because it can increase blood circulation in the body. Research has also proven that bergamot essential oil can be used as a remedy for people who experience anxiety.

You can get the benefits of essential oils by dripping it on the palm of your hand and rubbing it evenly. Breathe in the aroma until you feel the freshness enter and bring peace. In addition, its use can also be applied to the legs or stomach when you feel uncomfortable.

17. Benefits of essential oils to repel insects

No need to use insect repellent to repel mosquitoes around you because essential oils can do this easily. You can use the scent of lavender flowers to repel mosquitoes because the distinctive aroma is not liked by insects.

In addition to planting lavender flowers around the house area, lavender essential oil can also repel mosquitoes through a diffuser. Other essential oil ingredients that are effective in repelling insects are lemongrass, rosemary, and cedarwood essential oils.

18. Cool the house

For those of you who are allergic to cold air from the AC or indeed reduce the use of electrical devices at home. Then the benefits of essential oils can also be used to cool a hot home atmosphere.

Some essential oils that are effective at cooling the house through a diffuser include peppermint, eucalyptus, spearmint, and wintergreen. By using the aroma of this type of essential oil, it is guaranteed that your home will feel cooler than before.

19. Make the room smell more comfortable

Each type of essential oil is able to provide freshness and different benefits. Of course the pleasure of the resulting aroma is also not the same. You can get certain different scents for the selected essential oil as a room freshener.

No need to use chemicals or excess perfume so that the room in your home or office feels more fragrant. Because, the benefits of essential oils can also provide different nuances every day from each type of essential oil. Choose your favorite scent on different days then you will feel a more comfortable room and change every day.

20. Eucalyptus oil substitute

Some people rely heavily on eucalyptus oil as aromatherapy and health. But not a few people also do not like the aroma because it is too piercing. The solution for those of you who are not comfortable with the aroma of eucalyptus oil can replace it with the benefits of essentials oil which has almost the same properties.

You can use eucalyptus essential oil to replace eucalyptus oil as a body warmer. You can use it through a diffuser to give an effect that spreads throughout the room and warms the body by inhaling the aroma.

The benefits of essential oils with natural ingredients are indeed very helpful in the field of health and fitness. However, there are several things that you must understand before using essential oils as a routine health intake.

Essential oil products on the market are generally registered with BPOM RI and are safe to use. However, the condition of each person is different in receiving the aroma of each product. If you have a history of allergies, eczema, or sensitive skin.

Then it's a good idea to consult your doctor first about the product to be used. Also make sure you read the label on the benefits of essential oils and how to use them. That's the explanation from the admin, I hope this article is useful.