Types of Sports With Family That Are Fun, Definitely Healthy

Sport is one of the activities that can be done in spare time. Moreover, exercise is done with the people closest to us, for example with family. This types of sports with the family is a fun thing to do on weekends or holidays.

Besides being able to improve body health, we can also spend quality time with the people we care about. There are several types of sports that can be done with the family. The sports also vary, from having to spend money to not having to pay a dime.

What are the best sports to do with the family? Here Admin will explain in detail. Check out the reviews below, MSB friends.

Fun Types of Sports With Family

Of course, sports that can be done with the family will be very fun. Plus, the sport doesn't have to cost money. Even if you have to spend money, it doesn't matter if you do it with your loved ones.

The following types of sports that can be an option, as follows:

1. Morning Run and Walk

The types of sports exercise running or walking in the morning is considered the easiest and free exercise because it can be done around the house complex. Not only that, you can also do it in the nearest park to your area where there is a jogging track.

If you have a pet such as a dog, you can still take it for a morning run with your family. But if you want a different atmosphere, you can take your family for a morning run together on the main road during Car Free Day.

As for some of the benefits of this types of sports jogging or morning walk that you do with your family, including:

- Lose weight

Losing weight is one of the first benefits of walking. Walking at a moderate pace for 30 minutes can burn up to 150 calories in the body. Moreover, if walking is combined with a healthy diet and strength training, weight loss is faster.

- Healthy Heart Organs

This types of sports walking leisurely turned out to be a good choice for people who have heart problems. Walking 30 minutes in the morning can help lower blood pressure in the body. If walking is done regularly, it will strengthen the heart and control blood pressure.

- Prevent Stroke

Another benefit of walking is preventing stroke. This can happen if it is done 5 times a week, with 30 minutes each session. Walking can also help with recovery for people who have had a stroke.

- Strengthen Muscles

Walking or running can also help strengthen the leg muscles. For maximum results, you can walk at a moderate to fast pace. Try to change the routine that was lazy to exercise.

In addition to this types of sports exercise, you can add leg strengthening exercises such as squats and lunges several times a week to make your muscles healthier and stay awake.

- Improve Focus

Another benefit of walking is increasing focus. A morning walk can help improve mental clarity and the ability to think throughout the day. In addition to improving cognitive function, walking can also help a person.

To think more creatively. This can happen because any types of sports that is done regularly can help protect memory and improve thinking skills, because oxygen and blood supply to the brain are accelerated.

- Prevent Depression

When a person experiences mood swings, of course, it will cause many other disturbances. You can prevent this by walking or running with your family. This types of sports is very fun and inexpensive to do.

When walking, pain-killing endorphins will flow properly throughout the body. To get more benefits in reducing stress, improving mood, reducing anxiety, and fatigue, you can walk for 30-60 minutes every day.

2. Swimming

In addition to running or walking in the morning, swimming can also be used as a list of choices. This types of sports swimming will certainly be very fun when done with the family. You can do this sport at a sports club near where you live.

Or play in the waterpark which is certainly very interesting for children and parents, because it has various kinds of rides with various shapes such as slides, stream pools, wave pools, and many more.

The following are some of the benefits of this types of sports swimming exercise that you and your family can get, especially when done regularly:

- Maintain heart health

The most popular benefit of swimming is maintaining a healthy heart and lungs. A study shows that swimming can actually improve blood circulation in the body and the body's ability to use oxygen.

Thus, not only has an impact on heart health, the types of sports swimming exercise regularly is also good for maintaining the function of various body organs and reducing the risk of heart disease and stroke.

- Build muscle mass

The various movements performed during swimming require almost all the muscles of the body to move against the pressure in the water. This is what causes swimming to increase flexibility and muscle mass of the body.

- Lose weight

Swimming for 1 hour has been shown to burn around 500–650 calories. Therefore, swimming can be a types of sports of choice for those of you who want to lose weight.

- Reduce stress

Stress is a common condition experienced by almost everyone. Swimming can be one way to overcome this. A study suggests that swimming can relax the muscles of the body, thus making you more relaxed.

- Improve sleep quality

A study conducted on insomniacs showed that swimming can improve the quality of their sleep. So, if you have trouble sleeping, try to do this types of sports swimming exercise, so you can sleep better at night.

- Relieve arthritis

Finally, swimming can also reduce pain due to joint inflammation, so it is safe and is recommended for arthritis sufferers. Other studies also mention that people with osteoporosis who swim regularly can experience a decrease in joint pain.

3. Cycling

If you are a mother and have a child who has just started cycling, this is the right moment to invite her to ride a bike together in the morning or evening. Your little one will definitely be very excited when pedaling a new bike while ringing the little bell on his bike.

Besides being fun, this types of sports bicycle exercise is also able to strengthen leg muscles, train the motor system and of course help children to focus more. If you and your family really like to spend time cycling.

The following are some of the benefits of cycling when done regularly, as follows:

- Maintain a healthy heart and blood vessels

Cycling is considered to be able to optimize the performance of the cardiovascular system, namely the heart and blood vessels, by strengthening the heart muscle and increasing blood circulation throughout the body.

By doing this types of sports bicycle exercise, the performance of the cardiovascular system becomes better. So that the risk of stroke, heart attack, and high blood pressure can be reduced.

- Maintain healthy muscles and joints

Cycling can strengthen the muscles of the legs, buttocks, thighs, calves, hips, stomach, arms and shoulders. Not only that, cycling is also good for joints and has been shown to be beneficial for people with osteoarthritis.

- Maintain weight

Cycling can maintain ideal body weight, because it can burn fat and increase the body's metabolic rate. Cycling for 1 hour alone can burn at least 600 calories.

To benefit from this types of sports exercise optimally, you can combine the habit of cycling regularly with a balanced nutritious diet to prevent and overcome obesity.

- Lower stress levels

When cycling, the body will certainly reduce levels of stress hormones, such as adrenaline and cortisol, in the body. Not only that, seeing and enjoying the scenery while cycling can also reduce the stress experienced.

- Reduces the risk of diabetes and cancer

The benefit of other types of sports cycling is that it reduces the risk of developing type 2 diabetes. This is because cycling can maintain the stability of insulin hormone production in the body. Cycling can also reduce the risk of cancer, including colon cancer and breast cancer.

4. Badminton

One of the most popular sports is badminton. This sport is a type of game that has been popular in Indonesia. Many parents introduce this types of sports to their children. Because the benefits are quite good.

Among other things, being able to train agility, speed, also strengthens the leg and hand muscles. You can play games with your child or father, while practicing the point counting system as well. Just like other sports, there are several benefits of badminton that you will feel.

Here are some of them:

- Improve fitness and lose weight

As is known, badminton is a types of sports cardio sport. Cardio exercise itself is a type of exercise to strengthen the heart muscle. When the heart muscle is strong, the blood vessels can flow more and faster. Strong blood vessels can deliver more oxygen to the muscle cells.

This effect allows the body's metabolism to work more effectively to maintain body fitness. A well-functioning metabolism also helps every cell in the body to burn more fat during exercise.

And that's the cause of the most common cardio exercise chosen to help lose weight, because this activity is very effective at burning fat. This type of badminton is not only fun, it can also be done by all ages and groups.

- Strengthens the muscles and joints of the body

Playing badminton will certainly involve a lot of body movement. Call it the calf muscles, thighs, buttocks, pelvis and hips that are used when jumping as well as running, to the upper arms and back muscles to hit the ball. Moreover, this types of sports can also form and strengthen core muscles.

Strong and flexible muscles and joints will prevent various risks of injury during sports and during daily activities. Flexible muscles and joints can also expand the body's range of motion, so it will avoid arthritis that weakens movement.

- Reduce stress

Just like other sports, badminton can also reduce stress. Of course, this types of sports is a refreshing alternative for you and your family. As is known, the brain will release happy mood hormones in large quantities when we exercise.

Namely endorphins, dopamine, serotonin, and tryptophan to replace the hormone cortisol and epinephrine, two stress hormones. All of these positive hormones will work together to create feelings of pleasure and relieve stress, thereby creating positive thoughts and improving sleep quality.

The effect of reducing stress levels is also increasing because this types of sports badminton sport involves social interaction with many people at one time. Chatting, joking, and brainstorming with other people is a simple way to relieve stress.

5. Playing FootBall

Furthermore, playing football can also be used as a sport that can be done with the family. No need to worry, there are many types of sports that can use the ball as a tool in the game. Like, football, table tennis, basketball. Maybe you have talent among all these sports.

Therefore, you can teach basic techniques such as basketball, starting from how to dribble, shoot, to lay-ups. For soccer you can start training from kicking, passing, to dribbling. Everything can be made fun, with a little play between you and the kids, by being the goalie and kicker.

The benefits of thistypes of sports football, the benefits can be felt more for your little one who is actively moving, including:

- Improve fitness

Two important criteria that a soccer player must have is to be healthy and agile. This game will certainly make children run faster to catch the ball on a fairly large field. This activity builds your little one's endurance and speed.

Dribbling and putting the ball into the opponent's goal can also train your little one's dexterity and sense of cooperation with others. Training bones and muscles to be strong is a health benefit that children can get from this types of sports like soccer.

- Build your little one's social sensitivity

Playing with a soccer team will of course also develop a child's ability to work together, communicate, and interact with other children. To win a football match, the whole team must communicate and work together.

The position of football players in the back line and serving as defense must help the midfielders (midfielders) and forwards (attackers) when attacking the opponent's goal. This collaboration develops children's social skills and enhances their sense of sociality.

- Develop a child's good personality

Finally, the game of soccer emphasizes teamwork as a whole, not just individual skills. That's why this types of sports game is less liked by children who only like athletic sports such as running or swimming.

Football encourages teamwork and communication between players, this allows children to understand their personalities and relate them to team success rather than just thinking about outperforming their teammates.

7. Outbound

Finally, outbound games can be a fun choice of all types of sports with the family, because they can train muscles, body balance and courage. Especially when they are growing up, it's all good for them.

Types of sports from outbound activities that can be done such as climbing nets, climbing beams, crossing high bridges, flying fox. Of course, make sure the minimum height and age for children before participating in this game.

In contrast to other sports, outbound activities at first glance are considered as ordinary recreational activities to spend vacation time. However, actually this activity has many benefits for the people who do it. One of the benefits is increasing interaction between family members.

Benefits of Sports with Family

Exercising with family is really fun. What's more, between family members rarely talk or gather at home. Of course, this also provides other benefits that are quite diverse.

Here are the benefits of any types of sports exercise that you can do with your family, as follows:

1. Strengthen Family Relationships

Togetherness is one of the keys to strengthening family relationships. As it is known that the family is the most beautiful palace. By exercising too, the mind and body become healthy. In addition, exercise also makes life more vibrant looking to the future with a healthy family.

2. Make the Body Healthy and Fit

When you try to make time every weekend for any types of sports exercise with your family. So this habit, is the first step to start a healthier life. In addition, you can also consume drinks that contain protein and electrolytes, such as chocolate milk and coconut water.

3. Improve Communication between Families

By exercising with your family, of course, you can establish communication in a relaxed condition so that it can increase the closeness between your family members. Because exercise time is a time to relax together so all problems in the family can be discussed together in a relaxed manner.

4. Practice Discipline and Good Habits

The thing that is considered difficult to teach to children is a matter of discipline. The solution, by exercising with your child regularly, you can teach discipline to your child. Gradually, the child's discipline will be formed and the child will get used to it until adulthood.

Whatever types of sports with the family is a valuable and special thing. Because by inviting your family to exercise, it means that you also care about your health and that of your family in the future. It turns out that this can also be considered as an indirect health investment for old age.

However, it is also necessary to be accompanied by having health insurance, because in addition to the health investments that have been made, the health costs that need to be incurred in the future are also guaranteed. Of course, there are many types of health insurance that will provide various benefits for you and your family,